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PX4 Horticulture Controller

  • Automate common gardening tasks
  • Four configurable power outlets
  • Simple and effective user interface
  • Set scheduled tasks for a single outlet or for a group of outlets
  • Controller configurations are saved between restarts
  • Includes an external temperature and humidity sensor
  • Log important data to the onboard SD card
  • More project details

MGC2 Microgreen Grow System

  • Designed specifically for micro-green crops
  • Automated sub irrigation watering system
  • Flat perforated flood tray liners
  • Built-in recirculating nutrient reservoir
  • More details about the MGC2 Grow System

Terr Rack Grow System

  • Modular grow system accommodates gardens of any size
  • Plant containers designed to optimize nutrient flow
  • For use with both organic soil and inorganic soilless grow mediums
  • Currently in development!
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